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Carrie Gorrell – Gentle Yoga

Carrie enjoys creating a space for students where they can define their own meaning of yoga. My hope is to inspire students to look beyond the physical and to use the whole practice of yoga as a means to deepen the connection with one’s true self. Ultimately yoga teaches us to go inward, and by creating an attitude contentment, we are able to embrace all of the parts of our self and harmonize with the world around us. We can be grateful for not just one thing, but everything.

Carrie Gorrell received her 500 certification from the highly acclaimed studio YogaWorks.

Christy Cantrell – Nia Fusion Dance

Christy began dancing Nia in 2005. Five years later she earned her White Belt and has since attended the 52 Moves and Moving to Heal trainings and in April 2018 received her Green Belt. She believes that the Nia Technique enables those who practice it to move safely and soundly through daily life and get maximum enjoyment from pursuits whether of a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual nature. A native Venturan, Christy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation and is semi-retired from a 30+ year career in aging and senior services.

Jaclyn Ibarra – Tone Yoga and Fusion

Jaclyn Ibarra, a lifelong Fillmore resident and exercise enthusiast even before becoming a Regen Yoga member.  Her experience includes dance, Tai Chi, various types of yoga, and weight lifting.  First a student, then filling in as a sub, and now teaches her Tone Yoga and Strength class where she incorporates strength training with slow resistance using free weights. She includes sun and moon salutations to build upon flexibility.  She is grateful for the support and wisdom of the ReGEN community. 

Jennefer Hime – Yoga Flow · Pilates-ish · Feeling Flexy · Barre and Bend

Jennefer became interested in a variety of spiritual practices at a young age, and began reading about Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda, and G.I. Gurdjieff. Their teachings prompted her to continually strive for internal growth and self awareness. When Jennefer moved to Fillmore, she met Janine Rees and attended her Iyengar classes regularly. There she discovered the wonderful bliss of yoga, and searched out other types to add to her newfound practice. With a lifelong love of dance, the Vinyasa Flow style of yoga was a natural fit for her classes, which interweave breath, movement and internal balance (and usually a healthy dose of laughter!) for all levels of students.

Lisa Hammond – Evening Wind Down Yoga

Lisa began her yoga journey a bit later in life in Fall 2012 at the age of 48.  She found yoga through searching for a way to work through her 20+ years of anxiety (as well as a couple of episodes of depression).  Janine Rees was the amazing woman who helped her find yoga, and she’ll be forever grateful to her for this.  Lisa has a thirst for all things yoga, and has taken many trainings, both in person and online.  She completed her 200 hour training with Pixie Kastrup in Ventura, and five 60 hour modules (300 hours total) of advanced trainings (meditation, pranayama, mantra, kriya, and self mastery) with Kia Miller of Radiant body Yoga.  She’s also completed 60 hours Yoga for First Responders training as well as her Relax and Renew Level I Restorative Yoga training. Lisa’s goal is to share her love of all aspects of yoga with her students and to help them find their home practice (truth be known she likes to practice in her pajamas!).  

Melissa Diaz – Studio Manager · Nia Fusion Dance

Melissa discovered Nia in 2010. Her first Nia class experience was filled with dancing, great music and most importantly, joy! She instantly fell in love with the dance and knew it was much deeper than just a fitness class. Her approach is to provide the space for students to find freedom to express themselves, let go of all their stress and feel the strength, power and joy that dance can provide. Melissa has a BS in Kinesiology from Cal State Northridge, received her Nia White Belt in 2015 and her Blue Belt in 2017.

Renee Swenson – ReGEN Yoga Owner

Renee has been studying meditation for over 10 years. She follows the Toltec and Raise Your State philosophy and has been an apprentice of Victoria Allen for 15 years. Renee enjoys exploring many other spiritual and yogic practices such as chanting, mantras, chakra study and breath work. Renee is also a certified Nia Blue Belt instructor.