Sacred Summer Solstice Sound Healing – Sol (sun) Sistere (to stand still)

June 21st, 2023 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Lost Moon Ranch


An Intentional Sound Healing Journey consecrated in light.

Summer Solstice is a celebration of light and the sun’s radiant energy. It symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness and is often seen as a metaphor for the inner light within individuals, representing personal growth, and awakening of consciousness. Summer is a time of abundant growth, blossoming flowers, and the earth’s abundance. We will gather to clear away residue from our past with the vibration of Sound as we move into the light to set our intention to nourish our soul’s desire over the next six months.

What do you want to call into your life?

The event will begin promptly at 5:30 with an introduction to the benefits of sound healing, guided meditation, breathwork, and movement before settling in for a one-hour sound healing. At the conclusion of the sound event, we will take some time to write our intentions in our journal while sipping tea and snacking on vegan, organic cookies. We will conclude the evening by sharing our intentions with the group (optional). This is a sacred space and we are gathering to hold and support each other in community and common alliance.

What to bring – We encourage you to bring a blanket, pillow, bolster, yoga mat, or anything that will bring you comfort while lying or sitting on the grass. We invite you to bring crystals and a special intention journal and a writing pen.

About the Guides

Karina Arcia is a uniquely gifted intuitive musician. With an inspirational background and history, Karina brings a dynamic ability to open and hold space for deep healing to occur.

Karina’s spiritual journey started in 2014 by discovering mindfulness, meditation, self-help books, sound therapy, and growing spiritual practice. Through her own journey of healing as a U.S. Army Combat Veteran, Karina has found many ways to find inner peace. She has nourished a place within herself that enables her to serve humanity and offer the same peace she has found to others. She has a beautiful collection of Tibetan Bowls, a Gaia Artisanal Gong, and many other sacred instruments. She enjoys playing sound intuitively and is dedicated to assisting in the healing of every person who attends her sound events. Your journey is in your hands. Karina is here to help you go deeper.

Carrie Gorrell began her spiritual journey as a young child. Noticing when adults would say one thing but then do something opposite, she felt the deep incongruous nature of human beings. This propelled her into a lifelong path of inner and outer exploration.


In 2013, Carrie received her 500-hour yoga certification from YogaWorks. As her practice deepened, she became passionate about Yoga as a means of self-care and expanded her knowledge by studying and certifying as a practitioner of Urban Zen Therapy, which was founded by Donna Karan, Rodney Yee, and Colleen Yee, to bring Yoga, Breathwork, Reiki, and essential oil therapies to hospitals and care facilities around the world.

As a yoga instructor, Carrie enjoys creating a space for students where they can define their own meaning of yoga. Her hope is to inspire students to look beyond the physical and to use the whole practice of yoga as a means to deepen the connection with one’s true self. Ultimately yoga teaches us to go inward, and by cultivating an attitude of contentment, we are able to embrace all parts of ourselves and harmonize with the world around us. We can begin to be grateful for one thing, which in turn, can create an energy of gratitude for everything.


While teaching restorative yoga in an eating disorder facility, Carrie experienced a deep knowing that her hands could facilitate healing for the clients she was working with. After much research, she went on to complete Reiki Master training through Sacred Ventures in 2019.

Sound Healing

Carrie fell in love with sound healing when she learned that the vibration forces of sound are emitted from the movement or vibration of all matter. Sound manifests in a constant cacophony of sound waves, endlessly resonating in the universal sea of consciousness (how great is that) She learned that these sounds are both audible and inaudible to the human senses, and regardless of our capacity to hear or feel sound waves they manifest as cause and effect. Sound waves wash over us at every second of every minute of every day and continue to vibrate endlessly. Carrie’s Alchemy Bowls are made from Kyanite, Citrine, Platinum and Moldavite. These alchemies work with the Divine Feminine, harmonized elegance that creates a loving, crystalline bridge to higher consciousness..