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Chair Yoga

This class is designed for those who want to take yoga, yet have difficulty with floor postures. A chair is used as a prop for yoga poses to make yoga accessible for all levels, especially those with balance, standing and injury related limitations.

Gentle Yoga

This class is designed to help you release tension, relax your mind and body and build strength with balance all at the same time. Breath awareness, blankets and bolsters support a gentler opening of the body to suit all body types and ages. Level: all


Come learn different meditation modalities, breath, visualization, guided or silent. This 20 minute practice will help you start your day with positive energy.

Nia Fusion Dance

The first principle of Nia is the Joy of Movement; Nia is holistic fusion movement practice that takes elements from dance arts, martial arts and healing arts to create a workout for the body, mind and spirit. Nia is danced barefoot to soul stirring music. No experience is needed. (All levels are welcome).


With a base of Pilates standards, some added barre work, a little choreographed dancing, and a touch of yoga, this class will lengthen and strengthen muscles you didn’t know you had… all with a backdrop of good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll (singing along is encouraged!).

Restore and More

Join Rasika for some soothing self-care time and Restorative Yoga in which we hold poses and breathe into stagnant spaces of tightness and tension. Also included are poses and mini-sequences designed to bring strength and relief to joints and muscle groups. With powerful spiritual & mental messaging and a mystical musical backdrop.

Strength for Life

This is an easy to follow workout that uses resistant exercises to improve cardio respiratory health as well as strength, flexibility and balance. The class is intended for members and guests that are “50’s + years old” but, all ages are welcome. Come join us to improve your bone density while at the same time, toning your muscles so you can keep enjoying the fun things in life!

Tone and Core

Tone & Core combines strength, cardio and core training into one complete and convenient workout. No need for weights! Let’s get fit and have fun!

Toning Fusion

This class starts off with gentle sun salutations followed by upper and lower body toning using free weights.  We’ll wind down with some focused moon salutations, ending with relaxation.  All levels of fitness are welcomed.  Pace is slow and mindful while still getting a good workout in.

Yoga Flow

In this 45 minute class, we’ll explore a variety of Vinyasa(flow) sequences… ranging from those based around (and deepening our understanding of)Ujjayi breath with movement, to a Rock ‘n Roll playlist of free flowing fun, to a quicker energy flow to really get that vitality movin’ and groovin’, and everything in between! Level: moderate 1-2. Let’s flow!