Community Breathwork with Norma Moreno

March 10, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Community Breathwork with Norma Moreno 

Pranayama, the traditional term used for a branch of yoga, roughly translates to the control of life force energy. This life force energy is the very air that we breath, the very oxygen in our cells, and it can be used intentionally.  Breathwork gifts us the opportunity to restore our connection to our life force. We cannot live without the breath. Breathwork increases the oxygen supply in our system which activates more brain power, increases energy levels, and expands our awareness and concentration.

By quickly turning off the brain chatter, breathwork helps us shift from an external mode of seeking to an internal one as it connects us to our bodies and intuition. As we relax and become present in our bodies, we gain greater access to a larger and deeper perspective on life, allowing us the opportunity to bring the important things into focus.

We gather to release, unwind, and breathe out old energy from our body, mind, and spirit in order to create a space for something you have been longing to express or experience.

You will leave feeling exhilarated, rejuvenated and with a profound sense of freedom. We hope you will join us.

What to bring: Yoga mat or towel to lay on, pen and a journal, eye mask, or something to cover your eyes with. (All items are optional, but recommended.)

Exchange: $15 per person

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